Lise Futbol Takımı


Ease of investment

FCX is another long term project of Sportxcoin. Sportxcoin is planning to invest in youth academies and make a contact with sucessfull young athletes with Sportxcoin. For transfer seasons, their contract rights will transfer to another sports club only with Sportxcoin.

FCX Youth Academies

Thanks to the infrastructures to be created with the FCX project, it is aimed to provide great professionals to the sports world by providing quality training to young athletes. First of all, there are various transfer and funding conditions for athletes who will be trained in FCX youth academies. According to this;

No athlete can be transferred in different clubs with a currency other than STX.

Investments and funding to be made to athletes are made only through STX.

The biggest reason for establishing the transaction conditions with STX in funding and transfer is to increase the power of STX in the sports market and to maintain this power through transfers, which is one of the most important transactions of sports, under the necessary conditions. The creation of FCX youth academy facilities is supported by funds in many different ways. The first is that 5% of Sportexcoin annual revenues will be devoted to the establishment of infrastructure facilities and to train athletes related to FCX. Of course, for Sportexcoin, FCX is an important project that cannot be attributed to the annual turnover success. For this reason, the project contribution fund will be allocated for FCX in all investment tours and in the ICO period.

Sportexcoin Youth Academies
  • Training of athletes in the youth academy facilities of Sportexcoin company

  • Sportexcoin self investment and collective funding

  • No sports category

  • Transfer operations with STX

  • Transparent investment tracking system for fund investors

  • Reliable investment process with smart contracts

Sport Clubs FCX Fund
  • Training in the youth academy facilities of sports clubs

  • Funding based on collective funding

  • No sports category

  • Transfer operations with STX

  • Transparent investment tracking system for fund investors

  • Reliable investment process with smart contracts

FCX infrastructure systems also offer payment solutions based on blockchain. In this respect, FCX is not only a quality education infrastructure system. Sportexcoin will have its own FCX ​​infrastructure facilities and sports schools over time. However, Sportexcoin, which aims to raise quality athletes in this field all over the world, also supports the infrastructure of sports clubs with FCX. Sports clubs can raise funds for infrastructure activities through the FCX web application to be created. Funds that can only be collected with STX are used for club infrastructure expenses. Thanks to smart contracts, investors can invest in the infrastructure facility desired by the club and the infrastructure player they want with the infrastructure expenditures made over STX. When the athletes invested are transferred by the club, the investors get a share of the transfer in proportion to their investments. Apart from this, if the club wants it, it may explain to investors that it can give a share on the STX basis depending on the specific successes that the athlete will spend in his professional career with the club. Similarly, all processes are executed on smart contracts.

Athlete academies

While sports clubs naturally have the priority contract right for the athletes they train, they also earn income from player sales.

And today

In the United States, the total market size of young leagues and academies has reached $ 15 Billion. Many national structures around the world are working on young academies and youth orientation to sports. When we look at the state and public schools side, one of the main problems one is obesity and overweight.


Detailed data on this subject are described in the RunX section of the report.

Young leagues and academies reached 15 billion $ market value in the USA.

Sport clubs

While player sales generate significant revenue, transfers and player salary payments also stand out as an important cost item.

FCX and Sportexcoin focus on this income-expense balance on the infinite loop.

Average annual costs of youth academies vary between 1 million € and 7 million €.

Fans and investors reliably invest in the academy facilities of sports clubs and even specific players through the FCX youth academies and ensure that their investments go to these facilities or athletes thanks to the blockchain. The fund raised can only be used in investments related to the relevant infrastructure or athlete, and this process is carried out in a healthy manner with smart contracts. In this way, investors contribute to the future success of the infrastructure or athlete they invest in and also contribute to the training of local clubs. The club, on the other hand, gains access to a unique resource to train players. In this way, high infrastructure education costs are also minimized.

You may want to remember the infinite loop of sports ClubX in the club section.

FCX Income Items

The FCX project has many possible income items. The income items listed below constitute the main revenues of FCX infrastructure systems:

Player Sales

Player income from transfer of contract rights

FCX Academy Trainings

Revenues arising from paid trainings opened in Sportexcoin's own youth academy.

FCX Fund Platform

Transaction income calculated from the platform where clubs can collect funds for academy and academy players.

FCX Fund Membership

Annual membership fee collected from the clubs

Transaction Fees

Fees from transactions with STX