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Digital convenience

GameX, is a blockchain solutions for esports. With Sportxcoin unique payment technology and API’s, mobile games can accept payment via Sportxcoin or tokenize their game tokens (in game economics). Sportxcoin payment methot allows companies to sell phsyical and digital games with cryptocurrency and in the long run we are planning to host tournements.

E-Sports and mobile games continue to rise worldwide, and companies in this field receive large profits by investing in large amounts. Blockchain technology promises unique business models for this area. The e-sports and mobile game industries also have many brokers and platform providers, as we have seen in clubs. As Sportexcoin, we believe that it is the solution that can increase the profitability and gaming experience we can develop in the world of e-sports and mobile games by using our core technological structure. For this reason, we have designed our solution suggestions under GameX with API services that we will develop based on our core technology.

The Game World

In the e-sports industry, blockchain solutions have increased in recent years. It also aims to provide the benefits of blockchain to web applications other than Sportexcoin blockchain. On the other hand, it is seen that in most of the e-sports-specific blockchain projects, the project tries to provide its own platform to the players. Rather than discussing the positive and negative aspects of this situation, it would be better to draw attention to the main reason.

While 15% of internet users are interested in e-sports, 1 in 3 of the audience interested in e-sports is in the 20-25 age range.

While the average of 1 hour and 45 minutes passes per day on TV, the time spent on social media reaches 2 hours and 53 minutes. Well, when they spend on social media? The answer is simple. Players spend 28% of their time on social media on Twitch. Free products or discounts, if 43% of the reasons for the same group of players to recommend a brand are accepted. As can be understood from both age and media usage habits, e-sports followers like to pursue opportunities.




Market Size

Number of Players

$694 million

165 million

$1.3 billion

250 million

As it can be understood, it is quite natural that many projects are built on the strategy of creating their own platform, as players can spend a long time on a single platform. As in all areas of sports, there are many problems waiting to be solved in the field of e-sports and mobile games. In this respect, while Sportexcoin's goal in the medium term is to be the technological solution provider of the game world, its long-term goal is to become an important platform provider for the players.

In-game economy

In both mobile games and web / platform based games, in-game purchases, the platform provider receives transactions via its own payment system and charges a high transaction fee to developers.

In the in-game economy, STX API services provide a user-friendly in-game coin purchase process with a low transaction fee.

Game developers can easily start selling in-game coins with STX at low transaction fees by integrating the STX GameX API service into their games. All the user has to do is to register the Sportexcoin public wallet ID in the game. In this way, the player can make in-game purchases instantly with one click at any time. It is not necessary to save any information such as a pre-paid card or credit card.

Apple charges a 30% processing fee for in-app purchases made from devices in the iOS operating system. In applications that have completed its first year, this rate decreases to 15%.

Offering game developers with in-game money (coin) sales at very low operating rates compared to other platforms, this system will not only provide safe and fast payment for players, but also will provide more in-game money savings in many cases. Developers who want to sell with much lower operating fees can pursue a strategy to offer coins for more games when paying with STX. GameX APIs are designed specifically for games like ClubX. Reimbursement and user-based reward processes, which are frequently encountered in the game world, are quite easy for developers with GameX. Thanks to GameX APIs, the desired amount of STX transfer can be made instantly to the Sportexcoin wallet of the user who will be reimbursed.

You also may want to learn how the ClubX system works.

GameX APIs are designed according to the revenue strategies that games can implement.

With STX, developers can charge subscription fees and the user can cancel their subscriptions, both in-game and on the Sportexcoin wallet.

In-Game Coin Sales

The game developer can sell the amount of single or bundle in-game coins with STX.


The game developer can offer various subscription models monthly / yearly within the game and receive payments with STX.

Refund / Reward

The game developer can pay the user STX using the user's ID or Sportexcoin Public ID.

E-sports tournaments

Gaming companies started selling franchise rights to their popular games on a not too old date.

In the summer of 2017, Riot Games launched the concession rights of the popular game Leauge of Legends on the global market. In this sense, Cloud9, which has the biggest valuation, has reached $ 310 million valuation as of 2018.

The first phase goal of Sportexcoin in the field of e-sports is to play a role in rewarding players by showing itself in the ongoing tournaments.

The company includes popular games such as Leauge of Legends, Fortnite, Clash Royale. The esports companies have teams in different regions for many games. These teams compete with different teams in their regional league. Apart from this, there are income items such as retail product sales (event), activity sales as well as training fields of the same type of companies.

E-sports companies have the chance to reward both their players and their audience (streamers) using Sportexcoin, and it does so at a much lower cost than traditional methods. Similarly, Sportexcoin aims to increase its recognition in this field through sponsorships in various national and international tournaments and to increase the rewarding volume with STX in the field of e-sports in the medium term. In the long term, Sportexcoin, which will create its own platform by obtaining the concession rights of the games it sees potentially, will be able to receive both in-game and game sales via STX through its platform. In this process, introductory activities such as increasing penetration on the in-game economy, and STX-based rewarding with sponsorships will form the basis of the Sportexcoin game platform.

GameX Income Items

GameX income items will be similar to ClubX income items in the medium term. This is because revenues increase based on the use of API services. In the long term, platform revenues will strengthen Sportexcoin's presence in the field of games and e-sports.

GameX API Integrations

It is charged annually.

Transaction Fees

STX, which passes through GameX APIs, is charged per used transaction.