Walk, run find your mate & earn


With RunX mobile app, users can earn RunX token from their daily foot steps, running activities and trainings with other people! They can spend their tokens on business partners’ offers or they can exchange their RunX token with Sportexcoin from their wallet. RunX promotes daily training activities to all users.

STX Gain with RunX

Walk & earn
Run & earn
Earn together

RunX application automatically counts the steps the user takes during the day and earns STX depending on the number of steps. In the application, the user switches to the running mode and determines the track to run. When it completes the course, it rewards it with STX. RunX also aims for users to socialize and train together. For this reason, the user creates tracks using the Hitting Partner feature and completes the track with the other participants participating in the event, and all participants gain more STX than standard track completion. RunX (+) members will earn 1.5x more STX than standard memberships in all activities.

RunX offers users two types of membership.

RunX is a decentralized mobile application that aims to encourage amateur athletes to practice walking, running and jogging, and earn Sportexcoin (STX) in return.


Standard Membership

Free to use

With standard membership, which is completely free, users earn STX according to their daily step count when they complete the runs of their target. They also earn more during the walking and jogging activities they do with their friends.

RunX(+) Membership

For professionals

In RunX (+) membership type, monthly subscription fee is charged. While RunX (+) members earn more STX than standard members, through the application; It can track metrics such as heart rate, sleep time, daily water amount, and even STX from some metrics.

The background of the project.


1 in 6 children is

overweight or obese.

In all developed and developing countries, there has been a serious increase in the rate of obesity since 2000s and this increase trend is expected to continue in the following years. While these results are for obesity, there are also many individuals who are in an overweight condition. When these individuals are included in the obesity data, the rates reach up to 70%.

60 million people are registered in a gym in the European region. Based on people aged 15 and over, the 9.1% penetration rate is immediately noticeable. There are also 59,055 active sports halls in the European region. If we look at the countries with the highest number of gyms, it can be seen that only the United States hosts 38,477 gyms. The obvious contradiction here is that the problem of overweight and obesity is rising much more rapidly in an environment where the digital fitness and health market is expanding, the gyms are increasing and the rate of penetration is increasing due to increasing income.


This is the biggest proof that people have a desire to do activity but cannot find the right motivation. In addition to the fact that despite the high penetration of sport soles in busy business and city life, activity continuity is low, it is seen that although the digital fitness industry grows, it has problems with scalability and sustainability.


Stay healthy, socialize and spend as you wish.

Earned STX can be spent on the web applications of partners. Accordingly, when the partner offers a discount to users (up to 100%), the user enters the public Sportexcoin wallet address by registering on the partner website and then requests the advantageous product offered by the partner through the RunX application.

The process of gaining STX's

In RunX application, the user gains STX according to the number of steps taken daily. This status can be easily followed on the profile page daily, and friends' daily steps and running distances also can be seen.

The user can easily follow all the milestones through the application. For example, when the user takes 100,000 steps or earns 1,000 STX tokens, this information goes to the user as a notification and is added to the Achivements section. The user can create common activities through the RunX application and other participants can participate in these activities. All the participants have to do is go to the designated location at the specified time and complete the previously determined running track with other participants. As a result of this activity, all participants gain extra STX.


Hitting Partner will be started in the first phase only with running events. Accordingly, when the user wants to create an event, he determines the starting and ending points of the running event. Gives the name of the event, completes the creation of the event by entering the time and location information. After that, the number of teams determined for the event, the more people are accepted into the event. In addition, the user can create running events only with friends he knows. For this, by creating a "event link", it creates the event in incognito mode, in which case only users with the link can participate in the event. Spending of STXs earned can be done in two ways. The first one is STX spending within the Sportexcoin Partner Network. This means that brands can create offers within RunX to promote or control their products, and these offers can be redeemed for STX.