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Since blockchain technology has entered our lives, it has shown that it can create significant values ​​for many industries. Especially in the business lines that have been in our lives for a long time, blockchain solutions have been developed quickly, but still have not been able to take place among our daily needs and actions. To date, we have observed the most important effects of blockchain in payment systems. The solutions that eliminated banks in international and person-to-person money transfers were alarmed by the banks because these solutions promised to completely remove them. From this point of view, blockchain is a revolutionary technology. On the other hand, this technology is still an evolving innovation. According to the Sportexcoin vision, the way the blockchain gains a wide usage in our lives and goes beyond a value traded in the stock market depends on the business models to be developed especially in the industries that take place in our daily life. With this vision, we created the Sportexcoin project with a team that has previously been in different business branches of sports. While Sportexcoin offers payment solutions using the blockchain in the most important areas of sports, it offers individual business and income models for each, using APIs to individuals, clubs and developers. The main purpose in these models is that all stakeholders create value both financially and operationally from the blockchain of all stakeholders. Sportexcoin aims to make blockchain easy to use and accessible for everyone with its services to the sports industry.

Target Areas

With blockchain for Sportexcoin, it focused on three main areas that can create revolution in sports and new income areas.


Sport Clubs

Game Developers & Players


Sportexcoin offers motivation for amateur sportsmen.

With the RunX application, users from walking, running and joint sports activities earn STX and use the STX they earn in the offers of the brands or convert them into money (fiat or cryptocurrency). In RunX application, users can increase their membership to RunX (+) by paying subscription fee if they want. In this way, it measures metrics such as heart rhythm, sleep patterns and gains STX from these areas as well as gains more STX than basic users from basic RunX activities such as walking and running. In the RunX (+) membership, Sportexcoin targets professional athletes.

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Sport Clubs

Professional sports clubs are the most important building block of the sports world.

Regardless of the number of fans, sports clubs have been struggling to generate income from the same channels for years and create a variety of income. As Sportexcoin, we aim to provide end-to-end services to sports clubs. Increasing fan income and intermediary shares Thanks to the ClubX APIs we will create to reduce clubs will be able to develop their decentralized applications and directly increase their revenues. On the player upbringing side, the clubs support their strength by minimizing infrastructure costs. will be able to provide higher quality training to its athletes. Finally, As it is known, transfer costs for each professional club it is quite high. Sportexcoin creates the MarketCap platform and allows users to transfer their clubs with gamification methods. will implement the system in which they will contribute their budgets. When all projects are completed, Sportexcoin is for every sports club from raising players to fan income will become an end-to-end solution partner.

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Game Developers & Players

While e-sports or mobile games, game developers are selling the currencies in their in-game economy, they have to pay the high transaction fees charged by the platforms.

Sportexcoin will allow using STX for in-game sales with the GameX APIs it will create and will minimize platform transaction costs thanks to its highly user-friendly system. Likewise, thanks to GameX APIs, Sportexcoin will be able to organize tournaments and simply distribute rewards as STX with these tournaments. In this way, both players and game developers will maximize their benefit.

In the following sections, the solutions created in three main areas and the backgrounds of these solutions will be explained in detail. As seen from the other side, Sportexcoin aims to create a set of values ​​that includes professional sports and the E-Sports industry, which is a very important financial model in this field, covering all stakeholders. The important point here is the APIs created by Sportexcoin for all solutions and the usage methods of these APIs.

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